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No Show Tonight

12 September, 2017

Please Stand By...

Hi gang,

Unfortunately, due to various technical gremlins at Hubie Sounds Studios, I’m unable to broadcast my show tonight. Many apologies.

I’ll do my best to eliminate said gremlins (preferably by death-by-microwave) and if I have time I’ll knock together a show in podcast form and upload sometime in the near future. If not, I’ll be back online in a fortnight as per usual. Sorry again peeps.

Hubie x

NSB Radio

Interweb Gremlins

28 July, 2010

Hey everyone.

Many apologies for the lack of Hubie Sounds action this week. As some of you may have realised, there was meant to be a show last night, but unfortunately there have been a few gremlins in our internets, tearing shit up, so we’ve have been unable to broadcast.

Fortunately things seem to be up and running again now, so with any luck Hubie Sounds should be back on the interweb airwaves in a fortnight on the 10th of August, so we hope you can join us then.

Hubie x

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