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Listen Again To The Hubie Sounds Lock-In 22

29 August, 2020

Listen Again To The Hubie Sounds Lock-In 22

Hi gang.

The latest Lock-In, broadcast Friday 28th August on Cutters Choice Radio, is now available to stream & download via Soundcloud & Mixcloud. Both links are below.

Big ups to everyone who tuned in and joined us in the chatroom. We hope you enjoyed the show. Let us know by dropping a comment on any of the Hubie Sounds & Cutters Choice socials.

Listen on SoundCloud…

Listen on Mixcloud…


01. Zlatnichi – London Underground
02. Francesco Tarantini – Cicas (Mirko Flower Remix)
03. German Brigante – Samoa
04. Sable Sheep – Fallen Lead Showers
05. Nikola Gala – The Phunk
06. Pirupa & NiCe7 – The King
07. ZDS – The Bleeps
08. Green Velvet & Patrick Topping – Voicemail
09. Kydus – 50 States
10. Sidney Charles – The Duke
11. Ben Mono – Why?
12. Green Velvet & Riva Starr – Robots (Weiss Remix)
13. Dakar – Dynamite
14. Jonas Tempel – Antibass
15. Gene Farris & Riva Starr – After Dark (Is When We Move)
16. John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto – All Night, All Right
17. Joeski – Mind Body & Soul
18. Catz ‘N Dogz & Joseph Ashworth – Factory Settings
19. Kaiserdisco – Get Enough
20. Elite Force Vs. The Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun (Elite Force ReVamp)
21. Underworld – Cowgirl
22. Daniel Avery – A Quiet Life
23. Holy Magick – Even Though

Shout out to the NHS, the key workers, the WFH crew, the furloughed fam, and the self-isolating massive. You all rock.

Hubie x

Photo credit: the lovely @voodooangelrah

Hubie Sounds: Back On Soundcloud

25 July, 2020

Lego HS Studio by @shenaniganslego

Hi gang.

As the title states above, I’ve revived my Soundcloud account so I can host my radio shows there from now on.

For those of you who’ve been used to me uploading to Mixcloud I might go back to uploading shows there too, but for the time being I’m just going to use Soundcloud. This is mostly due to time constraints as my broadband upload speed is abysmal at the moment, so it takes aaaages to do multiple uploads.

Anyway, now that I’ve got that boring bit of housekeeping out of the way…

Here’s Friday’s night’s Hubie Sounds Lock-In, featuring two hours of big beat bangers. Big ups to all of you who tuned in and joined me in the chatroom, you all rock. You can relive all of the big beaty business right here, right now (and whenever you like)…

Stream Hubie Sounds on Soundcloud

Here’s the tracklist…

01. Louis LaRoche Vs. Trump Vs. Daft Punk – Person-Woman-Man-Camera-TV
02. Meat Beat Manifesto – Cutman
03. Method Man – Bring The Pain (Chemical Vocal)
04. Method Man – Release Yo’Delf (The Prodigy Mix)
05. The Prodigy – Poison
06. Masters At Work – Justa ‘Lil’ Dope
07. Leftfield (Ft. Danny Red) – Inspection (Check One)
08. Midfield General – Devil In Sports Casual
09. Dave Clarke – No One’s Driving
10. The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Dust Brothers Remix)
11. The Prodigy – Voodoo Beats
12. Dave Clarke – No One’s Driving (Chemical Brothers Remix)
13. Red Snapper – Wesley Don’t Surf
14. Lionrock – Packet Of Peace (Chemical Brothers Remix)
15. Freestylers (Ft. Navigator) – Feel the Panic
16. Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom
17. Unique 3 – The Theme
18. Freestyle – Don’t Stop the Rock
19. The Electroliners – Loose Caboose
20. Metro L.A. – To A Nation Rockin’ (Short Mix)
21. Fatboy Slim – Acid 8000
22. The Chemical Brothers – The Private Psychedelic Reel
23. Art Of Noise (Ft. Rakim) – Metaforce (The Size Of A Metaphor: Mix By Roni Size)
24. CJ Bolland – Sugar Is Sweeter
25. The Sabres of Paradise – Wilmot (Edit)
26. The Chemical Brothers – One Too Many Mornings

I hope you enjoy the show. Feel free to drop a comment below! And check out my Links page to hook up with Hubie Sounds & Cutters Choice Radio on the socials.

Shout out to the NHS, the key workers, the WFH crew, the furloughed fam, and the self-isolating massive. You all rock.

Hubie x

Photo credit: @shenaniganslego

Stream Hubie Sounds Lock-In 16

18 July, 2020

Hubie Sounds Lock-In 16

Hi gang.

In this week’s Hubie Sounds Lock-In, broadcast live on the nation’s unofficial isolation station, Cutters Choice Radio, I spun a mixed bag of summery deep house, breakbeat, tech house, and techno to liven up your lockdown.

Stream it now via Mixcloud…

Here’s the tracklist…

  1. Benoit & Sergio – The Way You Get
  2. Impossible Beings – Too Late
  3. Nicson – Sampled Soap
  4. Mood II Swing – Move Me
  5. Jansons – Sequential
  6. Claude VonStroke – Vocal Chords (DJ Version)
  7. ZDS – The Bleeps
  8. Justin Martin & Galen – Tumbleweed
  9. Fritz Carlton – The Beat (Phrixus Remix)
  10. Plump DJs – Lose Your Mind
  11. Danny Daze – Miami
  12. Phil Kieran – Saturdays (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)
  13. Harvard Bass – Grand Master
  14. Danny Tenaglia – Don’t Turn Your Back (Mendo Remix)
  15. Middath – Mic Test
  16. Paul Woolford – Don’t Waste My Time
  17. Omar Deaz – Turn Around
  18. Tiga vs. Audion – Nonstop
  19. Rino Cerrone & Flavio Diaz – Extraordinary Wiring (Riva Starr Edit)
  20. Dakar – Dynamite
  21. Gellert Ft. Jacques Canziani – Schoguhn
  22. Elite Force Vs. Leftfield Vs. Meat Katie – Song of Life
  23. Daniel Avery – Dusting For Smoke
  24. The Chemical Brothers – No Geography
  25. Holy Magick – Even Though
  26. Spiritualized – I Think I’m In Love
  27. Charles Bradley – The World (Is Going Up In Flames)

I hope you enjoy the show. Feel free to drop a comment below! And check out my Links page to hook up with Hubie Sounds & Cutters Choice Radio on the socials.

Shout out to the NHS, the key workers, the WFH crew, the furloughed fam, and the self-isolating massive. You all rock.

See you next week!

Hubie x

Hubie Sounds Now On Cutters Choice Radio!

13 July, 2020

The Hubie Sounds Lock-In

Hi everyone!

Yeah I know it’s been a looooooong minute since I last updated this site, sorry about that. I kind of fell out of love with music stuff, DJing, radio shows, and all that jazz. But now I’m back, baby! Well, I’ve been doing a new radio show anyway, on a new radio station. It’s been going really well so far, so I thought I’d better get my shit together and update this site.

The new show’s called the Hubie Sounds Lock-In… in the strange new Covid-19-ridden times we found ourselves in, I decided I wanted to reconnect with people and get back into radio. In March I was approached by an old mate who runs Cutters Choice Radio, an ace station that uses the Mixlr platform and has a lovely community of DJs and listeners, and I was instantly sold on it.

It’s well worth checking out, all the shows are top-notch and, as you might have gathered, the community in the chatroom and beyond are some of the loveliest people you’ll ever be fortunate enough to meet…

Tune into Cutters Choice Radio

You can also find CCR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so please do check them out and give them a follow and a like and share with your friends.

Just as before, all of my shows are archived on my Mixcloud, so you can stream them whenever you like…

Stream Hubie Sounds on Mixcloud

And don’t forget you can find my various social media mutterings, rants, rambles and dodgy photography on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too.

I’m hoping to give this site a proper overhaul sometime soon, once I’ve got the rest of my shit together, so watch this space!

Ok, that’ll do for now. Thanks for taking the time to read. If this is your first visit then welcome! And welcome back to my old friends too. Thanks for popping by and please excuse the mess. Speak again soon!

Hubie x

New Mix! Pass The Chemicals Vol. 2

4 October, 2018

Pass The Chemicals Vol. 2 - Mixed By Hubie

Hey boys and girls

In anticipation of this weekend’s Chemical Brothers gigs here in London, I’ve knocked together my second Pass The Chemicals mix, this time featuring Electronic Battle Weapons and B-sides, as well as brand new track Free Yourself, plus a few remixes and rarities that I’ve been wanting to bung in a mix for ages.

UPDATE! Here’s a download link

Here’s the tracklist…

01. Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three – The Roof Is On Fire
02. The Charlatans – Nine Acre Dust (The Chemical Brothers Mix)
03. Lionrock – Packet Of Peace (The Chemical Brothers Remix)
04. The Chemical Brothers – EML Ritual
05. The Chemical Brothers – Free Yourself
06. The Chemical Brothers – Don’t Think
07. The Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 1 (It Doesn’t Matter)
08. The Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 3 (Under The Influence)
09. The Chemical Brothers – Enjoyed
10. Elite Force Vs. The Chemical Brothers Vs. Julian Jeweil – Surface On Fire (ReVamp)
11. The Chemical Brothers Ft. The Flaming Lips – The Golden Path (Ewan Pearson Extended Vocal)
12. The Chemical Brothers – We Are The Night
13. The Chemical Brothers – Escape Velocity
14. The Chemical Brothers – Hoops
15. The Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 6 (Hoops Remix)
16. James Asher – Asian Workshop
17. The Chemical Brothers – The Sunshine Underground
18. The Chemical Brothers – One Too Many Mornings

I recorded it in one take so it’s a bit rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share it with your friends, your mum, your cat, and anyone else who likes to dance. Also suitable for showering and listening parties.

See you on the dancefloor. Hold tight London!

Hubie x

Stream & Download Hubie Sounds 125

12 April, 2017

Hubie Sounds 125

Brothers and sisters.

Thanks for tuning in last night. I also really appreciate the feedback I’ve received for the show, it’s great to know that you enjoyed the chemical beats.

Hubie Sounds 125 is now available to stream and download via the links below…

Download Hubie Sounds 125

Here’s the show tracklist…

Schoolly D – Gucci Again
The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Beats
Willie Hutch – Brother’s Gonna Work It Out
Meat Beat Manifesto – Cutman
Bomb The Bass – Bug Powder Dust
The Chemical Brothers – Piku
Selectah – Wede Man (Hoody Mix)
Jungle Brothers – What U Waitin’ 4
Eric B & Rakim – Juice (Know The Ledge)
The Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun
Badder Than Evil – Hot Wheels (The Chase)
Carlos Berrios – Get On It
Renegade Soundwave – Thunder
Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee – Another Time Another Place (Club Mix)
Metro L.A. – To A Nation Rockin’ (Short Mix)
Electroliners – Loose Caboose
The Micronauts – The Jazz
The Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 1 (It Doesn’t Matter)
Will Webb – Mirrorshades (Rmx)
The Chemical Brothers – Elektrobank
Odetta – Hit Or Miss
The Chemical Brothers – The Private Psychedelic Reel
The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

Don’t forget you can check out the rest of my shows via the NSB Radio archives and my Mixcloud.

Big ups to The Chemical Brothers and thank you for 20+ years of fucking excellent acid house.

Love is all.

Hubie x

NSB Radio

Hubie Sounds 125

11 April, 2017

Hubie Sounds 125

Hey boys, hey girls.

Tonight on NSB Radio I’m celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the release of The Chemical Brothers‘ seminal second studio album Dig Your Own Hole – arguably one of the greatest dance music albums of all time and a firm favourite here at Hubie Sounds Studios.

On this show you can expect to hear a selection of top tracks  from the album, as well as music with a Chemical flavour from that era, plus tracks that have influenced, and have been influenced by, the duo over the years. So you can rest assured there will be block rockin’ beats and psychedelic funkin’ aplenty 😉

Hubie Sounds 125 – Tuesday 11th April @ 9pm BST – live and direct on NSB Radio!

Don’t forget to join in the fun and games in the NSB Radio Chatroom.

For all of the details, including how to tune in to NSB Radio, check out the Radio Show page!

Hubie x

NSB Radio


chemical brothers – tom’s late night psychotronic mix

14 January, 2010

Hey kids. I just found this out in blog land and thought I’d post it up too, just in case any of you missed it.

This is a nice and trippy psychedelic mashup care of The Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowlands who says (taken from The Chemical Brothers forum)…

“…It’s just a little live mix I did for my own amusement and thought some people on here might enjoy it too…. it’s just some trax that blend together for a psychtronic adventure… no drugs were used, no animals were hurt in the creation of this mix….”

Whatever you say Tom! 😉

Anyway, here it is. Get it while it’s hot…

>> Download Tom’s Late Night Psychotronic Mix <<

Hubie x

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