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Stream & Download Hubie Sounds 127

10 May, 2017

Hubie Sounds 127

Hi gang.

Thanks for tuning into the show last night.

Apologies for the sloppy mixing… I was tempted not to upload this show because of it, but then realised that hasn’t stopped me from doing so in the past! So yeah, you can stream and download HS127 via the links below, proceed with caution 😉

Download Hubie Sounds 127

Here’s the show tracklist…

Leftfield Ft. Toni Halliday – Original (Adesse Versions Mix)
A Tribe Called Quest – The Donald
DJ Shadow Ft. Nas – Systematic
The Chemical Brothers – Let Us Build A City
Leftfield Ft. Danny Red – Inspection (Check One)
Dimitri Veimar – Windor
Spirit Catcher – Voodoo Knight (Catz ’n Dogz Dub Mix)
Harvard Bass – Out Of Town
Magik Johnson – Scanning For Viruses (Claude VonStroke’s Coffee On Your Motherboard Mix)
Kovaxx – Newspeak
Groove Armada Ft. Slarta Jon – Tune 101 (Jamie Jones Drip Drop Remix)
Riva Starr – Another Dimension
Gorillaz Ft. Vince Staples – Ascension (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
Leftfield Ft. John Lydon – Open Up (Skream Mix)
Dakar – Myself (Sacha Robotti Astral Remix)
Detlef & Green Velvet – Groove Nation
El Prevost & Doorly – Temper Mental
Leftfield – Song Of Life (BodyJack Mix)
Karuva – The Underground
Disperto Certain – Skin Out (Beatslappaz Remix)
Stanton Warriors – Still Here (Stantons Shambhala Mix)
Leftfield – Storm 3000
Fat Freddys Drop – The Nod

Big ups everyone. Don’t forget you can stream and download all of my previous shows via my Mixcloud and the NSB Radio archives. And for more info on Leftfield, check out their website.

Hubie x

NSB Radio

Hubie Sounds 127

9 May, 2017

Hubie Sounds 127

Hi gang.

I’m back on the NSB Radio interwaves tonight with another show packed with banging beats and the occasional mumble on the microphone.

This time around I’ve got lots quality, fresh new tuna for your ears, including a celebration of the 22nd anniversary re-release of Leftfield‘s seminal dance music masterpiece Leftism, featuring brand-spanking new remixes of tracks from the album by the likes of Skream and Ben Sims, as well as one or two originals just for good measure.

I’ll also be spinning the usual eclectic selection of funk, hip hop, electro, house, breaks and more.

Hubie Sounds 127 – Tuesday 9th May @ 9pm BST – live and direct on NSB Radio!

Don’t forget to join in the fun and games in the NSB Radio Chatroom.

For all of the details, including how to tune in to NSB Radio, check out the Radio Show page!

Hubie x

NSB Radio

Stream The Hubie Sounds Leftfield Special

24 June, 2015

Hubie Sounds 098

Hi gang. Big ups to all of you who tuned in last night and special thanks for all the lovely feedback I’ve received. Once again, I’m glad so many of you enjoyed the show, you make it all worthwhile. I even received a spot of Twitter appreciation from Mr Leftfield himself (or his intern)…

A Hubie & Leftfield Love-In ;)

UPDATE: Unfortunately I have had to withdraw the download link for this show. Many apologies for this. Also, due to differing laws in some countries, it’s possible you might not be able to stream this show. Please accept my apologies if this applies to you.

My Leftfield Special is now available to stream via the following linkage…

Here’s the show track list…

* Leftfield Ft. Earl Sixteen & Papa Dee – Release The Pressure [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Earl Sixteen & Papa Dee – Release The Pressure (Release Two) [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – More Than I Know [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Bad Radio [Infectious]
* Leftfield Ft. Afrika Bambaataa – Afrika Shox [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Djum Djum – Afro-Left [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Djum Djum – Afro-Left (Afro-Ride) [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Toni Halliday – Original [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Roots Manuva – Dusted [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Danny Red – Inspection (Check One) [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Universal Everything [Infectious]
* Leftfield Ft. Cheshire Cat – Chant Of A Poor Man [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Melt [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Song Of Life [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Alternative Light Source [Infectious]
* Leftfield – Shaker Obsession [Infectious]
* Leftfield – Storm 3000 [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Space Shanty [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Snakeblood [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Phat Planet [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Lemn Sissay – 21st Century Poem [Hard Hands]

For more info on Leftfield, check out the band’s website

Don’t forget you can stream all of my shows on my Mixcloud and you can also download them from the NSB Radio archives

Big ups everyone.

Hubie x

NSB Radio Logo

Hubie Sounds 098 – Leftfield Special

23 June, 2015

Hubie Sounds 098

Hi everyone. It’s been a bit of a stop-start year so far for Hubie Sounds, sorry about that. I will be making up for that with my next few radio shows which will hopefully make putting up with all the interruptions worthwhile. I can’t say much at the moment but I’ve got some special shows in store, including a very special celebratory 100th show very soon.

In the meantime however, I’m back on NSB Radio tonight, and this time around I’m celebrating the release of legendary British outfit Leftfield‘s third studio album, Alternative Light Source, which was released earlier this month.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Leftfield, the band was formed in the late ’80s by Neil Barnes, who was shortly joined by Paul Daley. The duo released a handful of critically acclaimed singles, before dropping their debut album Leftism, in 1995, which is widely regarded as a seminal album in British dance music and for many is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential dance music albums of all time.

Their follow up album, Rhythm And Stealth, dropped in 1999 and included fan favourites Afrika Shox (featuring the iconic Afrika Bambaataa), Dusted and ‘the one from that Guinness ad with the surfing horses’, Phat Planet. After Rhythm And Stealth the band fell quiet and eventually disbanded. They re-formed for occasional tours thereafter, but eventually Daley left for good. Nothing much was heard from Barnes’ solo Leftfield project until earlier this year when a brand new single, Universal Everything, was unleashed on welcoming fans. This was shortly followed by the release of the new album, Leftfield‘s third and Barnes’ first as a solo project.

Tonight I will be dedicating my entire show to Leftfield‘s output from the last 25 years, including classics from the Leftism and Rhythm And Stealth eras, plus their various movie soundtrack work, as well as tracks from the new album.

The Hubie Sounds Leftfield Special – Tuesday 23rd June @ 9pm BST – live and direct on NSB Radio!

Make sure you come and say ‘hi’ in the NSB Radio Chatroom!

For all the details, including how to tune in to NSB Radio, check out the Radio Show page!

Finally, here’s a quick reminder to check out my Secret Garden Party Podcast over on Mixcloud. It’s part of a competition to win a spot on the festival’s on-site radio station, as well as lots of other cool stuff. So please check it out because every play, share and comment helps my chances of winning. Thanks for your support so far everyone, it’s much appreciated.

Hubie x

NSB Radio Logo

download the HUBIE SOUNDS xmas special

15 December, 2010


Thanks for tuning into the Christmas Special last night. The show is now available to download from the NSB Radio archives, just click the link below:

>> Download the Hubie Sounds Christmas Special <<

The show will also be available to stream on Mixcloud very soon. Keep an eye on the Hubie Sounds page here:

Here’s the show tracklist…

* DJ John – The Christmas Massacre Of Charlie Brown (CDR)
* Divide And Kreate – Velvet Santa (CDR)
* Brat – Funky Christmas (CDR)
* Sam Flanagan – Frosty DMC (CDR)
* ToToM – Rudolph The Paranoid Reindeer (CDR)
* Go Home Productions – Carpenters Christmas – Karen Meets Roots Radics Uptown (CDR)
* Si Begg – Jinglin Boots (CDR)
* DJ Zebra – The Xmas Kick (CDR)
* A Peter Griffin Christmas (CDR)

** Cheekyboy – Christmas Megamix **
* Tracklist unavailable

* DJ Flack – Dreidl Bells (CDR)
* Leftfield – Song Of Life (Sony BMG) – Dedicated to Gary ‘Pitch Invader’ Thalemann R.I.P.
* Fat Freddys Drop – The Raft (The Drop)
* Desmond Dekker – The Israelites (B.C.D.)
* Rory Hoy – Xmas Banger (CDR)
* A-Skillz Vs. The Beatles – Come Together – A-Skillz Remix (CDR)
* Nick Thayer & Ali B – Music (Bombstrikes)
* Kooqla – Mute – Pimpsoul Mix (Lucky Break)
* War – Galaxy – Plump DJs Remix (Finger Lickin’)
* Leftfield – Inspection (Check One) (Hard Hands)
* Dean Martin Vs. Justice – Walking In A Waddle Wonderland – Vandal Mashup (CDR)
* K.GoL – Shell Game (Fly Beat)
* Plump DJs – Light Fantastic (Grand Hotel)
* Alex Dolby – Hazy Way – Evil Nine Remix (Mantra Vibes)
* Leftfield – Storm 3000 (Hard Hands)
* Leftfield – Phat Planet (Hard Hands)
* The Children Of South Park – Mr. Hanky The Christmas Poo (CDR)

Thanks for downloading the show. We hope it brings you plenty of Christmas cheer (or at the very least inspires you to drink yourself into a Christmas cheery oblivion)

That’s the last Hubie Sounds for 2010! We’ll be back on the internet airwaves in the new year… keep an eye on this website for updates 😉

Merry Christmas y’all!

Hubie x


13 December, 2010

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

Yep, I know, you’re probably sick of all this Christmas shizzle already… and there’s still more than a week of it to go. Groaaan. Well, may I suggest you tune into the Hubie Sounds Christmas Special this Tuesday night for a dose of alternative seasonal merryment that should cheer up even the humbuggeriest of Scrooges.

We’ll be spinning all sorts of daft seasonal mashups that should tickle your funny bones, as well as some banging tunes that bear absolutely no relation to fictional bogeymen and their multiple personalites whatsoever, just to keep things varied. Oh and as an added bonus, we’ll also be spinning a few classics by Leftfield to celebrate their recent well-overdue return to the live arena! Hallelujah!

The Hubie Sounds Christmas Special – Tuesday 14th December @ 9pm UK time – live and direct on NSB Radio!

Make sure you join us in the Chatroom too!

For all the details, including how to tune in to NSB Radio, check out the Radio Show page!

Hubie x

download HUBIE SOUNDS extra

2 April, 2010

Hey everyone!

Thanks for tuning in the other night, we hope you enjoyed the selection of classic tuna. If you’d like to listen to the show again, you can download it from the NSB Radio archives by clicking the download link below…

>> Download Hubie Sounds Extra <<

Here’s the show tracklist…

* Snoop Doggy Dogg – Tha Shiznit (Death Row)
* Cypress Hill – Hits From The Bong (Ruff House)
* The Pharcyde – Soul Flower – Remix (Delicious Vinyl)
* Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Letter From God To Man (Sunday Best)
* Bomb The Bass Ft. Justin Warfield – Big Powder Dust – The Chemical Brothers Remix (Universal)
* Fat Freddys Drop – Wild Wind (The Drop)

* Cassetteboy – The Lead Thief (Barry’s Bootlegs)
* DJ Format – Last Bongo In Brighton – Remix (Genuine)
* Chicken Lips – He Not In – Greg Wilson Edit (Tirk)
* The Chemical Brothers – Base 6 (Freestyle Dust)
* Christopher Just – I’m A Disco Dancer (And A Sweet Romancer) – Fatboy Slim Remix (XL)
* Metro LA – To A Nation Rockin’ – Short Mix (Deconstruction)
* DeeJay Punk-Roc – My Beatbox (Independiente)
* Fatboy Slim – Everybody Loves A Filter (Skint)

* Groove Armada – At The River (BMG)
* Leftfield – Song Of Life (Hard Hands)
* Hybrid – Original Sin (Distinctive)
* Jason Sparks – Left To Live For – Raw Deal Rmx (Botchit And Scarper)
* Plump DJs – Remember My Name (Finger Lickin’)
* Freeland – Mind Killer Suite – Bassbin Twins Edit (Marine Parade)
* The Chemical Brothers – The Sunshine Underground (Freestyle Dust)
* New Order – Temptation (London)

Thanks for downloading this special bonus edition of Hubie Sounds, we hope you enjoy it!

Make sure you tune in to the next edition of Hubie Sounds proper, on Tuesday 13th April @ 9pm BST – live and direct on

Hubie x

Second Styles @ the drome this friday night

10 December, 2009

Hey everyone, Hubie here.

I’ll be playing my first ever virtual gig this Friday night at The Drome in virtual online world Second Life.

Joining me on the ‘ones and zeroes’ will be Sonic Warriors United, plus my good friend DVNT of Mantis fame who will also be simulcasting his fortnightly radio show with special guest Vadz.

So if you’re up for a virtual boogie this Friday night, make sure you head over to The Drome from 6pm UK time and if you’re Second Lifer, make sure you come up to the booth and give us all a virtual high five!

Here’s the set times (in GMT):

6pm: Mantis 052 simulcast with DVNT and guest Vadz

8pm: DVNT – leftfield selection

9pm: Hubie – beats, breaks and bouncy basslines

10pm: S.W.U. / Sonic Warriors United – with Denard Henry & Jana Clemen

Broadcasting worldwide from The Drome – December 11 2009 from 6pm GMT – lock on and listen at

Hubie x

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