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Ben & Lex Celebrate 15 Years Of Beatz & Bobz

12 October, 2012

Ez gang

In the absence of any Hubie Sounds action this week I thought I’d plug this cracking mix by my pals Ben And Lex.

Later this month they’ll be celebrating 15 years of Beatz & Bobz – their hugely successful west country megarave – and to help mark this massive milestone, the lads have put together a monstrous mix chock full of bangers, smashers and destroyers from the last 15 years!

This 60 track mix is, quite frankly, the nuts and it’s chock full of classics by the likes of Fake Blood, The Chemical Brothers, Plump DJs and many more!

Get on this peeps, you’ll love it!


If you want to know more about the Beatz & Bobz 15th Birthday – headlined by Krafty Kuts and The Freestylers – check out their Facebook event page HERE!

Hubie x

download the HUBIE SOUNDS xmas special!

24 December, 2009

Hey peeps! Thanks for tuning in the other night, we hope you enjoyed the show.

The Hubie Sounds Christmas Special is now available to download from the NSB Radio archives, so make sure you grab it now cos we think it will be the perfect soundtrack for opening your presents on Christmas day! Just click the download link below…

>> Download the Hubie Sounds Christmas Special <<

Here’s the show tracklist…

* Cassetteboy – Nigella’s Xxxmas (CDR)
* Parker vs Bing Crosby – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (CDR)
* Si Begg – Jinglin’ Boots (CDR)
* DJ Format – Ill Culinary Behaviour (CDR)
* CB’s – Misdemeanour – No Fakin’ Remix (Jam City)
* Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock (CDR)
* Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (CDR)
* D-Funk – Daft Boot (CDR)

** Hubie Loves… Grandmaster Flash & Sugar Hill **
* Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel – White Lines (Don’t Do It) (Sanctuary)
* Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (Sanctuary)
* The Sugarhill Gang – Apache (Sanctuary)
* Grandmaster Flash – The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel (Sanctuary)
* Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Pump Me Up (Sanctuary)
* Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel & The Furious Five – Beat Street Breakdown (Sanctuary)

* Dean Martin vs Justice – Walking In A Waddle Wonderland – Vandal Mash Up (CDR)
* Wolfgang Gartner – Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony – REL1 Re-Edit (CDR)
* Laidback Luke & Diplo – Hey! (Southern Fried)
* Young MC – Know How – Stanton Warriors Edit (CDR)
* Deekline – I Don’t Smoke – Deekline & Tim Healy Mix – Krafty Kuts Edit (Rat UK)
* General MIDI ft. Whiskey Pete – Get It Down – Bassline Mix (Distinctive)
* Rhythm Section – Comin’ On Strong – Black Noise Mix (Y4K)
* Mr B – Serious (Re:Connect)
* TC – Where’s My Money – Caspa Remix – Elite Force Re-Fix (CDR)
* Refracture – Eternal – Mr No Hands Remix (Dusted Breaks)
* Enough Weapons – Supersonic – That Girl DJ Remix (Ape)
* Deadmau5 – Strobe – Plump DJs Remix (Mau5trap)
* Sidney Samson – Riverside – Peo de Pitte Re-Rub (CDR)
* Mr Reds vs DJ Scribble – Everybody Come On (Can U Feel It) – Stanton Warriors Remix (London)
* Antzz vs Roots Manuva vs Paul McCartney – Witness The Christmas (CDR)

Thanks for downloading this show, we hope you enjoy it! Have a Happy Christmas and make sure you tune into the next Hubie Sounds in the new year.

Oh and make sure you also check out all the other excellent shows available to download from the archives at

Hubie x

download HUBIE SOUNDS 003 on nsb radio!

18 December, 2009

Hey everyone. Apologies for the delay, we’ve been having a bit of a refurb of the archives.

Anyway, Hubie Sounds 003 is now available to stream and download from the NSB Radio archives! Just click the links below:

>> Download Hubie Sounds 003 <<

Here’s the show tracklist…

* Pimpsoul vs Nirvana – The One (Bomb Strikes)
* CB’s – Misdemeanour – A-Skillz Remix (Jam City)

** “Uncovered” Showcase **
* Finny – Space Cat (Ape)
* Run Riot – ACE (Ape)
* Freeflow 45 – Tuff Unit (Ape)
* Mjoogoo – The Favourite Show (Ape)
* Mobius vs Mr Snook – Zion Movement (Ape)
* T.R.O. – Urban Myth (Ape)
* Section 4 – Push Through (Ape)

* Mr No Hands – Chuggy (No Handed Music)
* Flore ft. Shunda K – Feel Me – Peo de Pitte (Botchit Scarper)
* Ben & Lex – Pink Sock (Functional)

* Baobinga & I.D. – Tongue Riddim – Roska Remix (Build)
* The Chemical Brothers – Get Yourself High – Switches Rely On Dub (Freestyle Dust)
* DJ Zinc ft. Angela Hunte – Jekyll & Hyde (Bingo Bass)
* Alex Metric – Discotron (Marine Parade)
* Laidback Luke & Diplo – Hey! (Southern Fried)
* Curtis B & Ill DJ Chris B – Tha B-Boyz Get Up (Zone)
* General MIDI ft. Whiskey Pete – Get It Down – General MIDI Mix (Distinctive)
* Plump DJs – My Hi Tops (GU Music Digital)
* DJ Icey – Jacks Or Better (Zone)
* Sub Focus – Move Higher – REL1 Re-Edit (CDR)
* Tim Healey & Tai – Pocket Rocket – Krafty Kuts Edit (Giant Pussy)
* Dub Pistols ft. Lindy Layton & Rodney P – I’m In Love – Foamo Remix (Sunday Best)
* Deadmau5 – Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff – Elite Force Re-Fix (CDR)
* Flaming Ember – Gotta Get Away (Sanctuary)

Thanks for downloading Hubie Sounds, we hope you enjoy the show!

Make sure you also check out all the other excellent shows available to download from the archives at

Hubie x

Hubie’s ‘Yule Luv This’ Chart

4 December, 2009

Well it’s been about six months since I last did one of my ‘monthly’ charts so I spose this one is a tad overdue. Anyway, here’s my latest selection of fings that make me shake what my momma gave me (and I’m not talking about my Christmas presents either, cos I would never do that, I am a good boy).

Most of the tunes in this chart are available to buy from Beatport, etc, so please support these poor artists or else they won’t have anything to eat this Christmas and that would be a terrible tragedy wouldn’t it? Yes it would.

01. Flore feat. Shunda K – Feel Me – Peo de Pitte Remix (Botchit & Scarper) – Peo is by far and away my favourite producer at the moment and I’m fairly sure I’m not alone in this. Yet another solid tune gets the Peo magic, this one’s essential for y’all. Make sure you ask your nearest and dearest to buy you this for Christmas.

02. That Girl DJ – Go Commando (Re:Connect) – this has been knocking about in my box (ooer) for a while now and it still makes me feel funny in the pants region. Note to self: must clean pants.

03. Deekline – I Don’t Smoke – Deekline & Tim Healey Mix / Krafty Kuts Edit (Rat UK) – A genuine party starter, if this doesn’t make your booty bounce then you’d best check the floor cos your booty has probably fallen off.

04. Enur – Calabria – Hot Pink DeLorean Remix / REL1 Re-Fix (CDR) – Commercial house, er, ‘classic’ gets a turd-polishing in a breakbeat stylee courtesy of REL1 from across the pond, who vastly improves the official version. This is available to download for free if you dig about on the interweb.

05. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough – Hubie Edit (CDR) – None of you will have heard this edit yet as I’ve only just finished it, but you can rest assured it’s pretty much exactly the same as the original track therefore it is fucking amazing, naturally. Shamone.

06. Sidney Samson – Riverside – Peo de Pitte Re-Rub (CDR) – Peo in ‘Making Cheesey Chart Shlock Into Something That’s Rather Brilliant’ shocker! I quite like the use of the Renegade Master samples too, but then I’m easily pleased. Available for free if you ask Peo nicely. You’d best flash him some leg though, cos he likes that sort of thing.

07. Debtonate – Party Packer (Funk Weapons) – If you really like to rock da funky beat, somebody in da house say hell yeah. Hell yeah. Call it what you like, nufunk, funky breaks, cosy-as-a-granny-in-her-favourite-cardy-step, whatever… this is very tasty indeedy. Perfect warm up fodder.

08. KC Flightt vs Funky Junction – Voices – Riva Starr Remix (Hooj) – Part of the recent ‘Some Of These Were Hooj’ comp, this stands out above the rest and does the original plenty of justice, quite possibly even improving it. Mr Starr is on fire at the moment. He also has very handsome eyebrows.

09. Bassbin Twins – Whistle Choon (Bassbin) – This has been around for a little while now and, even though I’m not the biggest fan of dubstep in this part of soggy London, I pretty much wee my pants with excitement every time that bass kicks in. Note to self: don’t bother cleaning pants, best burn them instead.

10. Acidkids – Mad Mahoney – Trevor Loveys Remix (Acidkids) – Another one that’s been around for a while now. Trev lays on the breakbeats and basslines in his inimitable style with great gusto. This wobbles along like Jordan’s career, but it doesn’t need to get its Gazza-world-cup-1990-novelty-tits out in an Australian jungle in order for you to take notice of it. Or something like that.

Right, now you know what you should ask Santa for Christmas. Just make sure he doesn’t obtain the music illegally otherwise Jesus will swoop down from ‘pon high and kick him in the Christmas crackers.

I guess I should also mention that if you like any of the tunes in this list, then please check out my radio show, Hubie Sounds, on NSB Radio cos I rinse this kind of thing on a regular basis. Right that’s all from me for now, I’m off to wrap some mp3s, ta raa.

Hubie x

download HUBIE SOUNDS 002 on nsb radio!

25 November, 2009

Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in to the second Hubie Sounds on NSB Radio last night, we hope you enjoyed the show!

This show is now available for you to download from the NSB Radio archives! Just click the link below:

Here’s the show tracklist…

* DeeJay Punk-Roc – I Hate Everybody (Independiente)
* TC vs Parker ft. DJ Moneyshot – Where’s My Monkey (CDR)
* Major Lazer – Hold The Line – dMon Remix (CDR)
* Jurassic 5 – Swing Set (Interscope Geffen)
* Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug – Greg Wilson Edit (Tirk)

** Hubie Loves… NuFunk **
* All Good Funk Alliance – Weakness Of A Trade – Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop Remix (Funk Weapons)
* Chris Joss – A Part In That Show – Basement Freaks Remix (ESL Music)
* Pimpsoul ft. Claire G – Noggins Groove (Ground Level)
* D-Funk – Young Boot (CDR)
* Debtonate – Party Packer (Funk Weapons)
* Myagi ft. The Root Sellers – How To Test – Nick Thayer Remix (Pop And Lock)
* A-Skillz & Krafty Kuts – Happiness (Finger Lickin’)

* Sidney Samson – Riverside – Peo de Pitte Re-Rub (Flat Out)
* Calabria – Hot Pink DeLorean – REL1 Re-Edit (CDR)
* Deekline – I Don’t Smoke – Deekline & Tim Healey Mix / Krafty Kuts Edit (Rat UK)
* Crackerz & Jam – This One (Upstart Music)
* Plump DJs – Be Good (CDR)
* The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die – Yuksek Remix (Take Me To The Hospital)
* Rico Tubbs – Lumberjack – The Bulgarian Wobblelectric Remix (A New Hope)
* Martelo ft. Herve – Wasted (Cheaper Thrills)
* Karoshi Bros – Love The World – Magik Johnson Mix (Woodville)
* Deadmau5 – Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff – Elite Force Re-fix (CDR)
* Zoot Woman – Grey Day – Paper Faces Mix (Wall Of Sound)
* A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray – Stanton Warriors Edit (CDR)
* Flat Pack – Sweet Child O’ Mine (Breastfed)

Thanks for downloading the show, we hope you enjoy it!

Make sure you also check out all the other excellent shows available to download from the archives at

Hubie x

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