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boomslang this saturday night

2 February, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

Apologies for being so quiet over the last month or so. We here at Hubie Sounds Studios have been taking a little winter break, but we’re back with some big news for those clubbers amongst you!

This Saturday night, the lovely peeps at Boomslang are throwing another of their cracking parties at their spiritual home, The Junction in Cambridge, with such luminaries as Sub Focus, Jack Beats and Hervé providing the entertainment.

But that’s not all! Our good friends the Reject Beats crew are hosting the upstairs room with an excellent selection of the great and the splarty, including Plaza De Funk, High Eight, Danny Reject Vs Kimpossible and some bloke named Hubie, spinning on the zeroes, ones and twos!

Here’s all the info…

Saturday 5th February 2011
The Junction – Cambridge
10pm till 6am
£12 Advance / More On The Door (If Available)
No entry after 2am
18+ Only (I.D May Be Required)
Info & Box office: 01223 511 511




We hope you can join us, it’s gonna be a wicked party, not to be missed!

See ya down the front!

Hubie x

PS. Keep an eye on this site for news about the first Hubie Sounds show of 2011 – an announcement will be made very soon!

download HUBIE SOUNDS 017

15 September, 2010

Hey everyone

Thanks for tuning in last night, we hope you enjoyed the show. Congrats to Rana aka HybridY5K who won the Hybrid competition – the vinyl will be winging its way to you very soon!

Anyway, the show is now available to download from the NSB Radio archives, just click the link below…

>> Download Hubie Sounds 017 <<

The show will also be available to stream on Mixcloud very soon. Keep an eye on the Hubie Sounds page here:

Here’s the show tracklist…

* Herve Vs Metallica – Enter Sandman (CDR)
* Featurecast – Damm! (CDR)
* DJ Twister – I Want Your Message (BOTB)
* Don Diablo – Who’s Your Daddy – A-Skillz Remix (Sellout Sessions)
* Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Cauliflower (Sunday Best)
* Orbital – Funny Break (One Is Enough) (London)

** Hubie Loves… The Loops Of Fury **
* Hyperion – On The Expressway (U & A)
* We Are Scientists – Rules Don’t Stop Me – The Loops Of Fury Boot (CDR)
* The Loops Of Fury – Soap (U & A)
* The Loops Of Fury – Pump Up (U & A)
* Dirty Super Car – Get A Grip – The Loops Of Fury Remix (Grand Hotel)
* The Loops Of Fury – Rack ‘Em (U & A)
* Elite Force – Peyote Road – Hyperion’s ‘The Sun Of Cactus’ Mix (U & A)

* Hybrid – Can You Hear Me – Widescreen Eclectro Mix (Distinctive)
* Dane O – Earthly Sin (Ground Level)
* DJ Icey & Ill DJ Chris B – What We Do – VIP Mix (Zone)
* Taorus – Death By Stabbing – Main Mix (Flat Out)
* Plump DJs – Boomer (Grand Hotel)
* Project Bassline – Drop The Pressure – Jack Beats Remix (Cheap Thrills)
* Huoratron – Corporate Occult (Last Gang)
* Congorock Ft. Mr Lexx – Babylon (Fool’s Gold)
* Felix Luker – Mechanical (U & A)
* The Prodigy Vs Elite Force – Smack The Force Up (CDR)
* Rhythm Section – Atomic – Ellis Dee & Twista Remix (Y4K)
* Katy B – Katy On A Mission (Rinse)
* DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (BMG)
* Prince Fatty – Gin & Juice (Mr Bongo)

Thanks for downloading the show, we hope you enjoy it!

Make sure you tune into the next Hubie Sounds on Tuesday 28th September @ 9pm UK time – live and direct on

Hubie x

download the HUBIE SOUNDS best of 2009 special!

13 January, 2010

Yo peeps.

Thanks for tuning in to Hubie Sounds last night, we hope you enjoyed the show. If you’d like to listen to the show again, you can download it from the NSB Radio archives by clicking the download link below…

>> Download The Hubie Sounds Best Of 2009 Special <<

Here’s the show tracklist…

* Deekline – I Don’t Smoke – Deekline & Tim Healey Mix – Krafty Kuts Edit (Rat UK)
* Yo Majesty – Club Action – Stanton Warriors Remix (Domino)
* Young MC – Know How – Stanton Warriors Edit (CDR)
* Slyde – Block Parties (Hot Cakes)
* That Girl DJ – Go Commando (Re:Connect)
* Acidkids – Mad Mahoney – Trevor Loveys Remix (Acidkids)
* Crackerz & Jam – Big Up Girl (Upstart Music)
* General MIDI ft. Whiskey Pete – Get It Down – Bassline Mix (Distinctive)
* DJ Zinc – Submarines (Bingo Bass)
* Djedjotronic ft. Spoek – Dirty & Hard – Stereoheroes Remix (CDR)
* Tiga – What You Need – Proxy Remix (Different)
* Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls – Zodiac Cartel Extended Mix (CDR)
* Dub Pistols ft. Lindy Layton & Rodney P – I’m In Love – Foamo Remix (Sunday Best)

* Haggstrom ft. Terri Walker – Be My Baby – Peo de Pitte Remix (Flat Out)
* H2 – Clocks (CDR)
* Rektchordz – Feed Your Head – Elite Force Mix (U & A)
* Meat Katie & Elite Force – Believe (U & A)
* TC – Where’s My Money – Caspa Remix – Elite Force Re-Fix (CDR)
* Jack Beats ft. Dynamite MC – What – Dub Mix (Cheaper Thrills)
* Rico Tubbs – Gangsters – Jay Stewart Remix (Menu)
* Plaza de Funk – Do It (CDR)
* Refracture – Eternal – Mr No Hands Remix (Dusted Breaks)
* Bassbin Twins – Whistle Choon (Bassbin)
* Si Begg – The Bleeps – Shades Of Rhythm Remix (Mutate)
* The Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital (Take Me To The Hospital)
* Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name (Columbia)

Thanks for downloading this show, we hope you enjoy it!

Make sure you also check out all the other excellent shows available to download from the archives at

We hope you can tune into the next edition of Hubie Sounds on Tues 26th Jan @ 9pm GMT, live & direct on NSB Radio 🙂

Hubie x

The ‘It’s High Time Hubie Did a Chart’ Chart – May Edition

15 May, 2009

Alrighty, I’ve been meaning to do a DJ chart for quite some time so, assuming I remember, this will be the first of a monthly series of Hubie charts. So here’s goes for May… this isn’t a particularly obscure or up-front chart, just a bunch of good party tunes really 🙂

(Most of these tunes are available to purchase from your favourite download store, so please support the artists)

01. Haggstrom feat. Terri Walker – Be My Baby – Peo de Pitte Remix (Flat Out) – I’m sure everyone knows this one. It’s my favourite breaks tune of the year so far. Sounds like the Plump DJs on crack. Sorry, I’m running low on similies today

02. DJ Zinc – Submarines (Bingo Bass) – My favourite track from the impressive Killa Sound EP. Kinda house, kinda breaks, probably falls into the warehouse category that IDJ seem to be so keen on pushing. But it’s all good in the hood. As Zinc might say. Possibly.

03. Djedjotronic feat. Spoek – Dirty & Hard – Stereoheroes Remix (Boys Noize) – I discovered this in blogland so I’m sure it’s been around a lot already, but I really like it. This is another great example of ‘warehouse’ – house beats, breakbeats, a smattering of baltimore as well, and a sexy herve-esque bassline. Noice.

04. Jack Beats feat. Dynamite MC – What – Dub Mix (Cheaper Thrills) – Filthy baltimore beats, wonky bass and lots of sirens. What more could you ask for? The original is a little too shouty for me (as if this track needs any more energy as it is) so I’ve opted for the dub here. Touch me.

05. Dopamine – Spunk – Vandal Mix (Lot 49) – I do like a bit of tech-funk, me. This has been around for a while now but it’s still one of my firm (ooer) faves. Oh and it has sirens in it too. I seem to like tracks with sirens it seems. Woop.

06. Solid Groove – This Is Sick – Yeah! Woho! Remix (CDR) – Yeah this has been around for yonks now, but it’s cheeky and I like cheeky. It generally gets a ‘what the fuck is this?’ reaction too, which is nice. No sirens though, which is a pity.

07. Maelstrom feat. MC Youthstar – The Beat Police – Is This House Mix (CDR) – Quite possibly the best-titled tune to have been given away on! I assume this is Mr ‘Strom’s tongue-in-cheek up-yours at the beat purists… well, whatever it is, I likes it. Plus it has ‘police’ in the title and police tend to use sirens, so that is good too.

08. Project Bassline – Drop The Pressure (Cheap Thrills) – More big bassline battyness. Fits in really well with…

09. Rico Tubbs – Boom Riddum (Cheap Thrills) – Ragga-tinged, booty-bouncing lushness. I know this is the third Cheap/Cheaper Thrills entry in this list, but when they keep churning out genre-defying awesomeness like this, then I’m gonna keep rating ’em. Dutty.

10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero – N.A.S.A. Bloody Lobo Remix (CDR) – Time for some cheese. And I like cheese. I also like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and N.A.S.A. so this was always going to be an enjoyable conjugality for me. So yeah, a good end-of-night, hug-the-random-next-to-you kinda tune. Splart.

I guess I should mention that if you like any of the tunes in this list, then you should check out my radio show, Hubie Sounds, on Brap FM cos I rinse this kind of thing on a regular basis. ‘An ting.

Hubie x

Download Hubie Sounds 21/03/09 Now!

22 March, 2009

Hiya peeps!

Thanks for tuning in on Saturday night, I hope you enjoyed the show! Big ups to Mr No Hands for his exclusive Breakspoll mix, I’m sure you all enjoyed it.

For those of you who would like to download the show, it is now available from the Brap.FM archives RIGHT HERE!

Here’s the tracklist…

** Hubie in the mix **
* Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – Beggin’ – Pilooski Re-Edit (Warner Bros.)
* Fake Blood – Mars – Hatchmatik Remix (CDR)
* Grim_Pil – Come Dancing (TCR)
* Solid Groove – This Is Sick – Yeah! Woho! Remix (Front Room Records)
* Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Night – Crookers Remix – Hubie Edit (Fool’s Gold)
* The Body Snatchers feat. Yolanda – We Here (Big Pimpin’) – Heavyfeet Vox Remix (Passenger)
* DJ Zinc – Submarines (Bingo Bass)
* Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls – Rogue Element Remix (CDR)
* Loop de Ville feat. Michelle Upton – The One – Butter Party Remix (Trickery Collective)
* NAPT vs Kish Mauve – Lose Control – 12″ Dub Mix (Funkatech)
* Plump DJs – London Street Music (Finger Lickin’)
* Project Bassline – Drop The Pressure – Club Mix (Cheap Thrills)
* Jack Beats feat. Dynamite MC – What – Dub Mix (Cheaper Thrills)
* Drop The Lime – I Love NY – Baobinga’s Fuck Up Like Woah Remix (CDR)

** Mr No Hands Breakspoll Mix **

** Hubie’s Wind Down Track **
* Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day (Gangsta Boogie)

Thanks for listening! Don’t forget to tune into the next edition of Hubie Sounds on Sat 4th April @ 8pm GMT, when I will be joined in the studio by Catch 23, aka Mr Moneyshot (or Adam Gainsborough to his mum)!

Previous Hubie Sounds shows can be downloaded here

Hubie x


Hubie Sounds 10/01/09 Archive & Tracklist

14 January, 2009

Hiya peeps!

Thanks for tuning in the other night, I hope you enjoyed the show. For those of you who would like to download the show, it is now available from the Brap.FM archives RIGHT HERE!

Here’s the tracklist…

* Kidda – V.I.P (Skint)
* Nick Thayer – Super Too Short (CDR)
* A-Skillz feat. Beardyman – Got The Rhythm (Finger Lickin’)

** Hubie Wants To Have Evil Nine‘s Babies **
* Evil Nine – Feed On You (Marine Parade)
* Evil Nine feat. Aesop Rock – Crooked (Marine Parade)
* Evil Nine feat. Juice Aleem – Pearl Shot (Marine Parade)
* Evil Nine feat. El-P & Jammer – All The Cash (Marine Parade)
* Evil Nine – They Live! (Marine Parade)
* Future Funk Squad – Towards The Sun – Evil Nine Remix (Default)

* The Body Snatchers – Club Beat Internationale (Passenger)
* Yo Majesty – Club Action – Stanton Warriors Remix (Domino)
* Diplo – Blow Your Head (Mad Decent)
* HiJack – Hijackin’ – Herve’s Fuck Fuck Remix (On The Brink)
* Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage – Fred Falke Remix – Rico Tubbs Remix (CDR)
* Lee Mortimer – Putto (Dubsided)
* The Kills – Cheap And Cheerful – Fake Blood Remix (Domino)
* Brancaccio & Asher – Freak Around – Koma & Bones Remix (Burrito)
* AC Slater – Jack Got Jacked – Jack Beats Remix (Palms Out Sounds)
* Mr No Hands – Stuck In A Wall (No Handed Music)
* Aaron Sans – Osc Low Nyzz – Adsorb Edit (CDR)
* Slyde – Frequency – NAPT Remix (Finger Lickn’)
* Plump DJs – Beat Myself Up (Finger Lickn’)
* MKM & GBX – I Don’t Think So  (iBreaks Bass)
* Backdraft – Popcorn – VIP (Passenger)
* Drop The Lime – I Love NY – Baobinga’s Fuck Up Like Woah Remix (CDR)
* I.D. – Mission – High Eight’s Acid Breaks Remix (Re:Connect)
* Muse – Knights Of Cydonia – Future Funk Squad Remix (CDR)
* MGMT – Kids – Soulwax Nite Version Mix (CDR)

Don’t forget to tune into the next installment of Hubie Sounds on Saturday 24th January, when I will be joined by a special guest!

Same Brap time! Same Brap Channel!

Hubie x


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