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Today! The Hubie Sounds Lock-In on Cutters Choice Radio

24 July, 2020

Today! The Hubie Sounds Lock-In on Cutters Choice Radio

Hi all.

Today on the Hubie Sounds Lock-In I’m going to dig through my old big beat collection once again and dust off a few filthy classics. This time I’ll be focusing on some dubby and bassy joints, with a healthy dose of acid thrown in for good measure.

Tune into your favourite isolation station Cutters Choice Radio from 5pm UK time, straight after Country Cockney!

Don’t forget to join us in the chatroom too!

Tune into Cutters Choice Radio

Tune into Cutters Choice Radio

Hubie x

Hubie Sounds Now On Cutters Choice Radio!

13 July, 2020

The Hubie Sounds Lock-In

Hi everyone!

Yeah I know it’s been a looooooong minute since I last updated this site, sorry about that. I kind of fell out of love with music stuff, DJing, radio shows, and all that jazz. But now I’m back, baby! Well, I’ve been doing a new radio show anyway, on a new radio station. It’s been going really well so far, so I thought I’d better get my shit together and update this site.

The new show’s called the Hubie Sounds Lock-In… in the strange new Covid-19-ridden times we found ourselves in, I decided I wanted to reconnect with people and get back into radio. In March I was approached by an old mate who runs Cutters Choice Radio, an ace station that uses the Mixlr platform and has a lovely community of DJs and listeners, and I was instantly sold on it.

It’s well worth checking out, all the shows are top-notch and, as you might have gathered, the community in the chatroom and beyond are some of the loveliest people you’ll ever be fortunate enough to meet…

Tune into Cutters Choice Radio

You can also find CCR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so please do check them out and give them a follow and a like and share with your friends.

Just as before, all of my shows are archived on my Mixcloud, so you can stream them whenever you like…

Stream Hubie Sounds on Mixcloud

And don’t forget you can find my various social media mutterings, rants, rambles and dodgy photography on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too.

I’m hoping to give this site a proper overhaul sometime soon, once I’ve got the rest of my shit together, so watch this space!

Ok, that’ll do for now. Thanks for taking the time to read. If this is your first visit then welcome! And welcome back to my old friends too. Thanks for popping by and please excuse the mess. Speak again soon!

Hubie x

Stream & Download Hubie Sounds 102

24 September, 2015

Hubie Sounds 102

Hi team. Big ups to all of you who tuned into my RWC Special on Tuesday and extra big ups for bearing with my tenuous links!

This show is now available to stream and download via the links below…

Download Hubie Sounds 102

Here’s the show tracklist…

New Zealand All Blacks – Ka Mate
Daft Punk – Around The World
Deeds + Thoughts – The World Is Made Up Of This & That (Fatboy Slim Mix)
The Chemical Brothers – Another World
Rugby World Cup Interlude – New Zealand Win 1987 World Cup
Fat Freddys Drop – Pull The Catch
The Pioneers – Long Shot Kick De Bucket
Gotham – Use It Or Lose It
Rugby World Cup Interlude – Jonah Lomu At 1995 World Cup
The Pharcyde – Runnin’
Jurassic 5 – Long Road To Glory
Beastie Boys Ft. Santigold – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win
Rugby World Cup Interlude – Jonny Wilkinson Wins 2003 World Cup
A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It
Propellerheads – Winning Style
Jagwar Ma – The Throw
Bomb The Bass – Run Baby Run
Beardyman – You… Win!
Luca Morris – Play By Play (Riva Starr Edit)
Out Of The Ordinary – Play It Again (Cratebug Edit)
The Kick Junkie – Kick It In (Wicked Mix)
Rugby World Cup Interlude – Joel Stransky Wins 1995 World Cup
Merka – Champion Selection
Capoeira Twins – Whistleblower
Ils – The World Is Yours
Elite Force – Gamechanger
Elite Force – The Final Whistle
Leftfield – Phat Planet
Rugby World Cup Interlude – Beaver & New Zealand Win 2011 World Cup
Shapeshifter – Long White Cloud (Nu:Tone Remix)
The Go! Team – Huddle Formation
Flight Of The Conchords – Ladies Of The World

All that’s left to say now is “go the All Blacks!” 😉

Hubie x

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Stream & Download Hubie Sounds 101

9 September, 2015

Hubie Sounds 101

Hi everyone. Thanks to all of you who tuned in last night, I hope you enjoyed the fresh beats. For those of you who want to find out more about the record label showcased last night, just head over to

Alrighty, last night’s show is now available to stream and download for your lovely ears, just follow the links below…

Download Hubie Sounds 101

Here’s the show track list…

Beastie Boys – Super Disco Breakin’
Lack Of Afro – Here We Go Again (Instrumental)
Ibibio Sound Machine – Talking Fish (Titeknots Remix)
Jungle Brothers – What U Waitin’ 4

Label Showcase: Perfect Driver Music

Perfect Driver – Crawl Into My Bed (Original Mix)
Perfect Driver – Crawl Into My Bed (Nina Wild & 9Bar Remix)
Aaron Snapes – Whatcha Wanna Do
Perfect Driver – You Said
Landis LaPace – Juicy
Kovaxx – Babble (VIP Mix)
Fritz Carlton & Ghostea – Feel It (Mark Starr Remix)
Perfect Driver Ft. Dub B – Coochie Beatbox
Doug English – Hood Life (Matty Scoll & Gunnar Bass Remix)
Ghostea Ft. Millie Mayz – Still Sippin’

Taal Mala – White Label Renegade (Grenier Remix)
The Chemical Brothers Ft. Q-Tip – Go (Claude VonStroke Remix)
Claude VonStroke – Make A Cake
Karuva – Buddha
Rino Cerrone & Flavio Diaz – Extraordinary Wiring (Riva Starr Edit)
ZDS – Rok Stuff
Let The Machines Do The Work – Rise Of The Machines
AC Slater & Sinden – Skywalker OG
Wuki – Lip Pop (Eyes Everywhere Remix)
Plump DJs – Like A Boulder (Remix)
Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Kneadin’
Pentatones – Karma Game (Steve Bug Retouch)
Junior Wells – Sweet Darling Think It Over

Nice one gang, cheers for your ears 🙂

Hubie x

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A ‘Childish Things’ Podcast

31 July, 2015

A 'Childish Things' Podcast

Hi everyone. I’ve more or less managed to seperate my brain from the lumps of mud that I seem to have brought home from last weekend’s Secret Garden Party. It was an interesting festival, to say the least, but a fun one too, for the most part.

You may recall that I won the chance to play a set at the festival for Secret FM. I was asked to prepare an hour long set for the Saturday night, but due to some scheduling screw ups (the less said about that, the better, I think!) I was only able to play for half an hour. It was short but sweet, you might say.

Anyway, now that I’m home I’ve decided to hit the studio and record the hour-long set that I had originally prepared, so here it is! I have basically fleshed out my original podcast with an extra 30 minutes of tunes and silliness, following the same festival theme of ‘Childish Things’, with a selection of tunes that remind me of my childhood, as well as tunes that appeal to my inner child, including references to some of my favourite movies, TV shows and other fun stuff that I still love today. This is a podcast for all kids, big or small.

Download A ‘Childish Things’ Podcast

Here’s the track list…

01. The Herbaliser – Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks
02. Jurassic 5 – Lesson 4: The Radio
03. DJ Format – English Lesson (Remix)
04. Coldcut – Off To Work
05. The Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count (DJ Food Edit)
06. Shirley Ellis – The Clapping Song
07. Beardyman – You… Win!
08. Jackson 5 – ABC (A.Skillz Remix)
09. Basement Freaks – Tetris Dub (Jazz K Lippa Remix)
10. Algorythmik – Muppet Chaud
11. The Correspondents – I Wanna Be Like You
12. Cassetteboy – Cassetteboy vs. David Attenborough
13. Public Enemy vs. Ray Parker Jr. – Bring The Ghostbusters (PopChop Remix)
14. West Street Mob – I Can’t Stop (The Wiseguys Remix)
15. Propellerheads – Number Of Microphones
16. Meco – Star Wars Theme / Cantina Band (DJ Version)
17. Fader Gladiator – Battle Of The Planets
18. Star Wars Interlude
19. Flight Of The Conchords – Robots
20. Spaced Outro

Before I forget, big ups to all of you who came for a boogie at the Secret FM caravan and to those of you who tuned in via the interwebs. Extra thanks for bearing with the various ‘technical’ issues. Big love to you all.

Hubie x

Stream The Hubie Sounds Leftfield Special

24 June, 2015

Hubie Sounds 098

Hi gang. Big ups to all of you who tuned in last night and special thanks for all the lovely feedback I’ve received. Once again, I’m glad so many of you enjoyed the show, you make it all worthwhile. I even received a spot of Twitter appreciation from Mr Leftfield himself (or his intern)…

A Hubie & Leftfield Love-In ;)

UPDATE: Unfortunately I have had to withdraw the download link for this show. Many apologies for this. Also, due to differing laws in some countries, it’s possible you might not be able to stream this show. Please accept my apologies if this applies to you.

My Leftfield Special is now available to stream via the following linkage…

Here’s the show track list…

* Leftfield Ft. Earl Sixteen & Papa Dee – Release The Pressure [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Earl Sixteen & Papa Dee – Release The Pressure (Release Two) [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – More Than I Know [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Bad Radio [Infectious]
* Leftfield Ft. Afrika Bambaataa – Afrika Shox [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Djum Djum – Afro-Left [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Djum Djum – Afro-Left (Afro-Ride) [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Toni Halliday – Original [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Roots Manuva – Dusted [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Danny Red – Inspection (Check One) [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Universal Everything [Infectious]
* Leftfield Ft. Cheshire Cat – Chant Of A Poor Man [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Melt [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Song Of Life [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Alternative Light Source [Infectious]
* Leftfield – Shaker Obsession [Infectious]
* Leftfield – Storm 3000 [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Space Shanty [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Snakeblood [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield – Phat Planet [Hard Hands]
* Leftfield Ft. Lemn Sissay – 21st Century Poem [Hard Hands]

For more info on Leftfield, check out the band’s website

Don’t forget you can stream all of my shows on my Mixcloud and you can also download them from the NSB Radio archives

Big ups everyone.

Hubie x

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Hubie Sounds 098 – Leftfield Special

23 June, 2015

Hubie Sounds 098

Hi everyone. It’s been a bit of a stop-start year so far for Hubie Sounds, sorry about that. I will be making up for that with my next few radio shows which will hopefully make putting up with all the interruptions worthwhile. I can’t say much at the moment but I’ve got some special shows in store, including a very special celebratory 100th show very soon.

In the meantime however, I’m back on NSB Radio tonight, and this time around I’m celebrating the release of legendary British outfit Leftfield‘s third studio album, Alternative Light Source, which was released earlier this month.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Leftfield, the band was formed in the late ’80s by Neil Barnes, who was shortly joined by Paul Daley. The duo released a handful of critically acclaimed singles, before dropping their debut album Leftism, in 1995, which is widely regarded as a seminal album in British dance music and for many is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential dance music albums of all time.

Their follow up album, Rhythm And Stealth, dropped in 1999 and included fan favourites Afrika Shox (featuring the iconic Afrika Bambaataa), Dusted and ‘the one from that Guinness ad with the surfing horses’, Phat Planet. After Rhythm And Stealth the band fell quiet and eventually disbanded. They re-formed for occasional tours thereafter, but eventually Daley left for good. Nothing much was heard from Barnes’ solo Leftfield project until earlier this year when a brand new single, Universal Everything, was unleashed on welcoming fans. This was shortly followed by the release of the new album, Leftfield‘s third and Barnes’ first as a solo project.

Tonight I will be dedicating my entire show to Leftfield‘s output from the last 25 years, including classics from the Leftism and Rhythm And Stealth eras, plus their various movie soundtrack work, as well as tracks from the new album.

The Hubie Sounds Leftfield Special – Tuesday 23rd June @ 9pm BST – live and direct on NSB Radio!

Make sure you come and say ‘hi’ in the NSB Radio Chatroom!

For all the details, including how to tune in to NSB Radio, check out the Radio Show page!

Finally, here’s a quick reminder to check out my Secret Garden Party Podcast over on Mixcloud. It’s part of a competition to win a spot on the festival’s on-site radio station, as well as lots of other cool stuff. So please check it out because every play, share and comment helps my chances of winning. Thanks for your support so far everyone, it’s much appreciated.

Hubie x

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Help Me Win The Secret FM Podcast Competition

19 June, 2015

Secret FM Podcast Competition

Hi gang. I’ve knocked together a special podcast for The Secret Garden Party ‘Secret FM Podcast Competition’.

It’s a fun mix, in a Solid Steel ‘cut ‘n’ paste’ stylee, featuring loads of TV and film references from my childhood, as well as tunes that appeal to my inner child…

Here’s the tracklist…

* Back To The Future Intro
* The Herbaliser – Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks
* Coldcut – Off To Work
* The Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count
* Algorythmik – Muppet Chaud
* The Correspondents – I Wanna Be Like You
* Cassetteboy – Cassetteboy Vs David Attenborough
* Lemon Jelly – Nice Weather For Ducks
* Propellerheads – Number Of Microphones
* Fader Gladiator – Battle Of The Planets
* Star Wars Droids Interlude
* Flight Of The Conchords – Robots
* Spaced Star Wars Outro

In order to be eligible for judging I need at least 50 unique plays on Mixcloud and as many favourites and comments as I can muster from you, my lovely friends.

So please play it, favourite it, comment on it and share it with your friends and I will love you long time. Above all though, I hope you enjoy it.

Once the competiton is closed I will add a download link so you can take this mix home with you. Because after all, music is for life, not just for winning competitions.

Thanks everyone 🙂

Hubie x

Stream & Download Hubie Sounds 097

27 May, 2015

Hubie Sounds 097

Hi gang. Big ups to those of you who tuned in last night and to those of you who joined me in the chatroom. You all rock.

Last night’s show is now available to stream and download via the links below…

Download Hubie Sounds 097

Here’s the show tracklist…

* Beastie Boys – Sabotage [Grand Royal]
* Massive Attack – Risingson [Virgin]
* Lemon Jelly – The Staunton Lick [XL]
* De La Soul – Breakadawn [Tommy Boy]
* Fat Freddys Drop – Roady [Kartel]
* Desmond Dekker – It Mek [Sanctuary]
* Jackson 5 – I Want You Back [UMC]
* Blondie – Heart Of Glass [EMI]
* Phonique Ft. Die Elfen – The Red Dress (Tiefschwarz Remix) [Dessous]
* Underworld – Cowgirl [JBO]
* Fatboy Slim – Santa Cruz [Skint]
* Elite Force – Fly Me Into The Ocean [U&A]
* Goose – Bring It On (Stanton Warriors Remix) [Skint]
* Dylan Rhymes & Christian J – Party People [Lot49]
* Future Funk Squad – Towards The Sun (Evil Nine Remix) [Default]
* Unison – Electrogirl (PJs Remix) [Streetwise]
* Plump DJs – Scram [Finger Lickin’]
* Reverend & The Makers – Silence Is Talking (Jagz Kooner Remix) [Wall Of Sound]
* Spiritualized – I Think I’m In Love (The Chemical Brothers Vocal Remix) [Dedicated]
* Daniel Avery – A Quiet Life [Phantasy Sound]
* The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows [EMI]
* Flight Of The Conchords – The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) [Sub Pop]

Don’t forget you can download all of my shows from the NSB Radio Archives.

Hubie x

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Hubie Sounds 095

24 March, 2015

Hubie Sounds 095

Hi everyone. I’m back from my little jaunt down under and tonight I will be presenting a brand spanking new edition of Hubie Sounds chock full of lovely musics.

This time I’ve got another cracking guest mix to present to you, from the very excellent Ali Mobius. Breaks heads will remember Mobius’ filthy breakbeat creations released on labels such as Dusted Breaks, Ape and Re:Connect, to name but a few. The lads are also no strangers to NSB Radio, having presented a regular show on the station for many years.

Nowadays Ali Mobius is flying solo and experimenting with a variety of new sounds from a more housey spectrum and tonight’s guest mix will showcase a lot of the new sounds that Ali is feeling at the moment. I’m sure you’re all gonna love it.

As well as tonight’s guest mix, I will be spinning my usual selection of funk, hip hop, breaks and house for your lovely ears.

Hubie Sounds 095 – Tuesday 24th March @ 9pm GMTlive and direct on NSB Radio!

Make sure you come and say ‘hi’ in the NSB Radio Chatroom!

For all the details, including how to tune in to NSB Radio, check out the Radio Show page!

Hubie x

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