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download HUBIE SOUNDS early breakspoll warm up

23 February, 2011

Hey peeps

Thanks very much for tuning in last night. The show is available to download from the NSB Radio archives, just click the link below…

>> Download Hubie Sounds 025 <<

Here’s the show tracklist…

* Evil Nine Ft. Aesop Rock – Crooked (Marine Parade)
* Rennie Pilgrem & BLIM – Eskimo – Yellow Snow Mix (TCR)
* Beber & Tamra – Travelling On – Koma & Bones Remix (Mob)
* X-Press 2 – Smoke Machine – Koma & Bones Remix (Skint)
* Rennie Pilgrem & BLIM – 2 Freaks – Unreleased Dub (TCR)
* Zero – Emit / Collect – Rennie Pilgrem’s Agatha Stomp Mix (Streetwise)

* Plump DJs – Soul Vibrates (Finger Lickin’)
* Freestylers – Push Up – Plump DJs Remix (Against The Grain)
* Dopamine – Hold You (TCR)
* Drumattic Twins – Feelin’ Kinda Strange – Bass Kleph & Nick Thayer Remix (Finger Lickin’)
* Far Too Loud – Get High (Funkatech)
* Noisia – Gutterpump – Rogue Element & Tom Real Remix (Passenger)

* Plump DJs – System Addict (Finger Lickin’)
* 30Hz Ft. Yolanda – Daddio – Vocal Version (Lot49)
* Autobots Vs Screwface – Flesheater – General Midi Remix (Broke)
* Groove Armada – Get Down – Elite Force Remix (Columbia)

* NAPT – Gotta Have More Cowbell (Funkatech)
* Slyde – Frequency – NAPT Remix (Finger Lickin’)
* NAPT Ft. Louise Marshall – Make My Day (Funkatech)
* Elite Force & Meat Katie – Believe (U & A)
* Stanton Warriors – Precinct – Plump DJs Remix (Punks)
* Ils – Next Level (Marine Parade)

Thanks for downloading the show, we hope you enjoy it!

Hubie Sounds is taking a brief break, but we will be returning to the internet airwaves on Tuesday 22nd March @ 9pm UK time – live and direct on NSB Radio!

Hubie x

download the HUBIE SOUNDS breakspoll special pt.2

24 February, 2010

Hey everyone!

Thanks for tuning in to Hubie Sounds last night, we hope you enjoyed the show and that it’s warmed you up nicely for the big event tomorrow. If you’d like to listen to the show again, you can download it from the NSB Radio archives by clicking the download link below…

>> Download the Hubie Sounds Breakspoll Special Pt.2 <<

Here’s the show tracklist…

* Hubie’s ‘Fix Up Plus You’ intro
* Mooqee vs Beatvandals – Back Up (Bomb Strikes)
* Featurecast – Run For Cover (Baffin Island Beat Brigade)
* Perfection & Will Streetwise – Tough Old Colin (ADHD Digital)
* Kouncilhouse – Daddy (ADHD Digital)
* Flore Ft. Shunda K – Feel Me (Botchit & Scarper)
* Pimpsoul Ft. Claire G – Noggins Groove (Ground Level)

* Fort Knox Five Ft. Asheru – Insight – A-Skillz Remix (Fort Knox)
* DJ Deekline & Red Polo Ft. Missy – Let It Bump – Hydroz Remix (Booty Breaks)
* Crackerz & Jam – Big Up Girl (Upstart Music)
* Felguk vs Tim Healey – Rio – Slyde Remix (Giant Pussy)
* Drumattic Twins – Crazy Love – Peo de Pitte Remix (Finger Lickin’)
* NAPT Ft. Louise Marshall – Make My Day (Funkatech)

* Stanton Warriors – Precinct – Plump DJs Remix (Punks)
* Sidney Samson – Riverside – Peo de Pitte Re-rub (CDR)
* Deadmau5 – Strobe – Plump DJs Remix (Mau5trap)
* Plaza de Funk Ft. Miss Trouble – Push N’ Pull (Mofo)
* Cut La Roc – Classic – 601 Remix (Rocstar)
* Mobius vs Mr Snook – Zion Movement (Ape)
* Meat Katie & Elite Force – Believe (U & A)

* TC – Where’s My Money – Caspa Remix – Elite Force Re-Fix (CDR)
* Stereo:Type – Balls To The Wall – Stereo:Typical Part 2 Mix (Hardcore Beats)
* Enough Weapons – Supersonic – Eshericks Remix (Ape)
* Deekline & Wizard – Back Up (Love For The Music) – Krafty Kuts ‘Club’ Remix (Against The Grain)
* Refracture – Eternal – Mr No Hands Remix (Dusted Breaks)
* Afghan Headspin – Beef Disco (ADHD Digital)

Thanks for downloading this show, we hope you enjoy it! See you at Fabric on Thursday night!

Make sure you tune into the next Hubie Sounds on Tuesday 9th March – live & direct on

Hubie x

HUBIE SOUNDS with special guest peo de pitte!

5 February, 2010

Hey everyone!

In the first of two Breakspoll Specials, this Tuesday night we will be joined in the studio by one of the hottest talents in dance music… the one and only Peo de Pitte!

Yes that’s right, the man behind the excellent Crazy Love remix for the Drumattic Twins and numerous other booty shaking productions will be joining us in the Hubie Sounds studio this Tuesday night for two hours of bouncy beats and musical mayhem on NSB Radio.

If you’re unfamiliar with Peo, please check out his myshizzle right here:

>> We hope you can tune in to Hubie Sounds, Tuesday 9th February @ 9pm GMT – live and direct on! <<

Don’t forget to join us in the Chatroom too!

For all the details, including how to tune in to NSB Radio, check out the Radio Show page!

Hubie x

Hubie Sounds 07/03/09 Archive & Tracklist

9 March, 2009

Hi everyone!

Thanks for tuning in on Saturday night, I hope you enjoyed the show! Big ups to Peo for joining us here at Hubie Sounds Studios, he was an awesome guest and we hope to have him back here again one day 🙂

For those of you who would like to download the show, it is now available from the Brap.FM archives RIGHT HERE!

Here’s the tracklist…

* The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die (Take Me To The Hospital)
* Drumattic Twins – Don’t Be So Drumattic (Finger Lickin’)
* Farace – Party (2 Live) (CDR)

** Hubie Wants To Have The Prodigy’s Babies **
* The Prodigy vs Peo de Pitte – Charly – Peo de Pitte Remix (CDR)
* The Prodigy – Poison (XL)
* The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (XL)
* The Prodigy – Girls (XL)
* The Prodigy – Omen (Take Me To The Hospital)
* The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance (Take Me To The Hospital)

* Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls – Zodiac Cartel Extended Mix (CDR)
* Dopamine – Spunk – Vandal Remix (Lot 49)

** Peo de Pitte live in the mix! **
* Peo de Pitte Intro
* AC Slater – Party like us
* Pryda – Rakfunk [Peo de Pitte Rap Mashup]
* Finger Lickin Allstars – 2 The Break
* Solid Groove – This is sick [Yeah! Woho! Remix]
* Unknown Track [I don’t have a clue about this one, but it’s fuckin good!]
* Mr Oizo – Gay Dentists [Peo de Pitte Edit]
* Haggstrom & Caswell – Room is spinning quickly
* Marcus Rombo – Bringing [Peo de Pitte Remix]
* Dopefish – Must be the music
* Jurassik – How to pick up chicks [Plaza de Funk Remix]
* Peo de Pitte – Dis Shire [Peo de Pitte 2009 Re-Edit]
* Shadow Dancer – Lower Left
* Boys Noize – The Battery
* Remaniax & Marc Benjamin – Blazin [Haggstrom Remix]
* Dilemn – Brazen Boogie [Blende Remix]

Thanks for listening! Don’t forget to tune into the next edition of Hubie Sounds on Sat 21st March @ 8pm GMT, when I will be joined by a couple of uber-secret mystery guests (you can rest assured, you will generally find them very exciting) and I will also be playing a special mix by Mr No Hands – an exclusive re-record of his excellent set at this year’s Breakspoll at Fabric! 🙂

Hubie x


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