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No Hubie Sounds Tonight

9 February, 2016

"Chewie's on it..."

Hi everyone.

I’m currently in the middle of overhauling some computery bits in the studio, so I’m unable to broadcast my show tonight unfortunately. Many apologies for that. I’ve got a crack team of hairy technicians on the case so with any luck (and preferably with very few Wookiee strops) I should have everything back up and running again soon.

There should be some quality cover action, or equally excellent archive action while I’m off air, so you might as well tune into NSB Radio tonight anyway and have an aural boogie. Also don’t forget you can get your fill via the NSB Radio archives, which contain over 100 Hubie Sounds shows, plus all the other excellent shows on the station, so go nuts!


Hubie x

NSB Radio

No Hubie Sounds Tonight

12 May, 2015

This is Hubie right now

Hi everyone. Rather annoyingly, I’ve been struck down with man-flu to the extent that I’ve gone deaf in one ear, lost my voice and my head generally feels like it’s been shrunk to about a tenth its normal size.

So unfortunately I won’t be able to present my show this evening, I’m very sorry about that. As usual I expect there will the usual excellent cover action in my stead, so feel free to tune into NSB Radio as usual.

All being well, my head should be back to its normal size and density in time for my next show in a fortnight, so I’ll hopefully see you then.

Big ups everyone!

Hubie x

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No Show Tonight

27 January, 2015

Damn technology!

Hi gang. Hubie Sounds Studios has been struck down by technical gremlins this week, so I won’t be able to broadcast my show tonight unfortunately. Many apologies.

There will be an excellent cover show in my stead no doubt, so make sure you tune into NSB Radio anyway. And in the meantime, my technical staff will be dragging the gremlin-infested hardware out to a remote field and exacting sweet, violent retribution upon it. That will learn it.

Hubie x

NSB Radio Logo

See You Again In The New Year

26 November, 2012

Hi everyone

As regular listeners will no doubt be aware, Hubie Sounds is now taking a winter break and will return to the NSB Radio interwaves in the new year.

But fans of cracking beats fear not, Hubie Sounds will be covered by the best in the business, plus there will be plenty of excellent shows on the station to keep you entertained as per usual!

You can also check out and download all the previous Hubie Sounds shows in the NSB Radio archives, plus my Bass[sic] crew have plenty of excellent mixes and live sets on their mixcloud too, so you shouldn’t be short of quality tuna to listen to over the festive period.

Anyway, I hope you have a happy and fun festive period and I’ll see you again in 2013! As ever, watch this space and/or follow me on twitter for all the Hubie Sounds updates.


Hubie x


No Hubie Sounds This Week

17 April, 2009


Hi everyone

This is just a quick note to let you know that we won’t be broadcasting Hubie Sounds tomorrow. However, the mighty Seismic of the GSM will be standing in for us so make sure you tune in and show your support – tomorrow night, Saturday 18th April @ 8pm GMT on Brap FM!

Check out the GSM Facebook group here

And you can download the GSM’s radio show archives right here

Hubie Sounds will be back on the Brapwaves on Saturday 2nd May! See you then! 🙂

Hubie x


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