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Special thanks

2 October, 2008

To all of you who came down to Noise Meets Brap @ Inigo last Sunday night and made it such a wicked night! I haven’t had so much fun on a school night since I was… erm… at school I guess!

Also big thanks to Milena for letting me play/prop up POoK 😉

I hope we can do it all again sometime soon 🙂


PS. I’ve updated my gigs list, so pls check it out cos I’ve got some more gigs coming up soon that should be just as much fun as this one was, if not better! 😉

Hubie on the decks for Noise vs Brap @ Inigo

26 September, 2008

Hey everyone. If you’re in the London area and you fancy a good night out this Sunday (yes that’s right, Sunday), come and check out Noise vs Brap at Inigo.

I’ll be spinning a selection of breakbeat and house’s finest and I will also be joined by none other than Brap.FM’s own POoK, plus the Noise residents. We’ve got a 4am licence for this one, so things could get a little messy! Hope to see you there!

Inigo Bar

642 Wandsworth Road

Sunday, 28th September

Open til 4am

Free entry (I think!)

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