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Download The Hubie Sounds Mashup & Remix Special Now!

4 June, 2009

Hiya peeps!

Thanks for tuning in the other night, we hope you enjoyed the show. My apologies once again for not being able to broadcast the show live. Big ups to Kapiche for airing the show for me. Never fear, I will be back on the Brapwaves live and direct from Hubie Sounds Studios for the next show, on Saturday 13th June @ 8pm GMT! See you then!

In the meantime, for those of you who would like to download this show, it is now available from the Brap.FM archives RIGHT HERE!

Here’s the tracklist…

* Del Tha Funkee Homosapien vs Beck – Mista Loser – Hubie Mash (CDR)
* Grand Flash vs INXS – The Message – PopChop Remix (PopChop)
* Nick Thayer – Get Up (Bomb Strikes)
* Krafty Skillz – Another One Bites (White)
* Dizzee Rascal vs Beatvandals – Old Skool – Beatvandals Mix (CDR)
* Mashed Up Funk – Cramp Rakim (White)
* Public Enemy vs The Chemical Brothers – Leave The Noize @ Home (White)

** Rico Tubbs – ‘Knuckle Sandwich Remixed’ Minimix **
Tracklist unavailable – see for more details

* David Bowie vs MGMT – Stardust Kids – A Plus D Bootie Remix (CDR)
* Ice Cube – You Can Do It – Bass Kleph Booty (CDR)
* Mujava – Township Funk – Mooquee Edit (CDR)
* KRSOne – Sound Of Da Police – Krames Edit/Liam Vizzle Re-Edit (CDR)
* White Stripes vs Disco Trash Music – Seven Rave Nation Army (CDR)
* Erik B & Rakim – Know The Ledge – Atomic Hooligan Re-Mash (CDR)
* Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow – Chew Fu vs ReL1 Refix (CDR)
* Dopefish – Where’s Your Hive In The Blur (CDR)
* Bootasaurus – Big Boots (Party Style)
* LFO vs X-Men – Freak (CDR)
* Booty Breaks – Deeperflash (Booty Breaks Vol. 1)
* Cosmos – Break Me With You – Stanton Warriors Remix (Skint)
* Spiritualized – I Think I’m In Love – The Chemical Brothers Vocal Remix (Dedicated)
* Queen – Fat Booty Girls – Nick Thayer Remix (CDR)

Thanks for downloading this show!

The next Hubie Sounds will air on Saturday 13th June @ 8pm GMT with a special guest mix from Mike Lennon! Live & direct on Brap FM!

Previous Hubie Sounds shows can be downloaded here

Hubie x


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