No Show Again Tonight. (Super) Sorry


Hi gang.

Apologies for the lack of noise from me recently. As you’ll recall, tech-gremlins got the best of me and forced me to cancel my last show. I’ve now realised that I won’t be able to do my next couple of shows as well, the first of which is meant to go out tonight (UK time).

This is totally down to me getting my dates muddled and forgetting that I have to be somewhere that’s not broadcast-compatible, so please accept my super-massive apologies for that. As my friends from across the pond tend to say: my bad. To which I’ll add another ‘super’ because I am, like, super sorry (and I like Superbad, it’s an ace movie).

I’ll do my best to be back on the air in about a month’s time. In the meantime, I’m sure you’re all aware there is always something amazing to listen to on NSB Radio, especially when I’m not involved! But if you are dying for a Hubie Sounds fix, there’s bound to be a past show that you haven’t heard before, and most of them can be found in the NSB Radio archives. Go have a rummage on my Mixcloud too, see what you can find.

Cheers and thanks.

Hubie x

NSB Radio

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