Hubie Sounds 119

Hubie Sounds 119

Good morning crew.

I’m back on NSB Radio tonight with another edition of your favourite Hobbit-hosted musical radio show. Of course I’m being presumptuous, for all I know this might be only your third favourite Hobbit-hosted musical radio show. And if that’s the case I’d better raise my game…

Which is just as well because this week’s show is a proper game changer. Well, it’s going to be quite fun anyway. With nice musics and stuff. Well, there will be music of some sort, that’s a guarantee. Mostly hip hop, house, breaks, that kind of thing. Tune in and have a listen, see what you think. Today could be the day I climb up your rankings to second favourite Hobbit-hosted musical radio show. I can dream, anyway.

Hubie Sounds 119 – Tuesday 8th November @ 9pm GMT – live and direct on NSB Radio!

Don’t forget to come and join in the chatter in the NSB Radio Chatroom.

For all of the details, including how to tune in to NSB Radio, check out the Radio Show page!

Hubie x

PS. For those of you based outside of the UK, don’t forget we have now put our clocks back one hour to Greenwich Mean Time, so this show might now be on an hour earlier (edit: or later perhaps!) than usual. If you’re unsure, check the World Clock 🙂

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