Computer Says “Neigh”

Computer Says

Hi gang. My computer has been my loyal ally for many years now. It has witnessed the birth, rise to mainstream excess and inevitable descent into obscurity, of many musical genres *cough* fidget *cough* dubstep *cough* It has also assisted in the broadcast of almost 100 Hubie Sounds shows on NSB Radio, not to mention the many years of radio shows prior to that on Brap FM and elsewhere.

Sadly, it seems my trusty steed is nearing its last race. Any day now I will need to do the honourable thing, lead it out back, and when it’s nice and relaxed, assured that it’s lived a good life, I will put it out of its geriatric misery by shooting it in the face.

Yes, dear reader, my trusty broadcast computer is borked. So borked, in fact, that not for the first time this year, I will be unable to air my show this evening. This is a massive pity, I know. But I hope you can all find the kindness in your hearts to wish my loyal old Macbook a safe voyage to the silicon afterlife, aka my local Cash Converters, where it will hopefully find peace after many years of hard work and sacrifice.

I appreciate your understanding and patience and I can assure you that my trusty Macbook’s spirit will live on, once I’ve sold one of my unessential organs in order to purchase a replacement. And assuming the liver/kidney/lung/colon black market is prosperous at this time of year, I should be able to broadcast my next show in a fortnight. So please watch this space for updates, because I’ve got some very exciting shows planned for the next few months, including a 100th Show Spectacularr which you won’t want to miss.

Anyway, my poorly computer and I thank you for reading and for your understanding. Big ups everyone.

Hubie (and MacBook Computerson RIP) x

PS. you might as well tune into NSB Radio tonight anyway, ‘cos there’s bound to be some awesome cover/archive action on in my absence.

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