2 More Sleeps!

Hiya party peope!

Only two more sleeps to go ’til the big Bass[sic] Launch, we’re all well excited here at Bass[sic] HQ!

Peo de Pitte is aching to unleash his big bassy monsters and The101Connection is straining at the leash, ready to drop some serious funk bombs – you’d better make sure you bring your splart shields cos things are gonna get rather messy!

Don’t forget, Bass[sic] kicks off at 8pm this Saturday night, DOWNSTAIRS at The Cornershop, on the corner of Shoreditch High Street and Old Street. It’s FREE entry all night, so we recommend you get down there as early as possible cos we’re expecting a roadblock of epic proportions!

Of course all the info you need can be found HERE

In the meantime, to get you in the Bass[sic] party mood, may we suggest you check out our recent What’s In The Box blogs on LifeSupportMachine.co.uk. Here you’ll find loads of FREE music, as well as exclusive Bass[sic] promo mixes by residents Big Nick D and Hubie, plus as an extra special promo mix by The101Connection:


Oh and to get you in the mood even further, don’t forget to check out the Hubie Sounds Bass[sic] Launch Special, which was broadcast on NSB Radio earlier in the week:


Cheers everyone, see ya on Saturday!

Hubie x

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