HUBIE SOUNDS 017 rescheduled!

Hey everyone

Many apologies for the relative silence here in Hubie Sounds land of late. And also many apologies for the no show on the 24th of August. Those pesky gremlins were back with a vengeance and decided to throw a rave of mischief in my broadcast computer.

Anyway, the critters have now been evicted and their soundsystem and various dubious recreational substances confiscated, so Hubie Sounds will be back in action this Tuesday night. And for those of you who had hoped to enter the Hybrid competition last time around, you will have your chance to enter on this show tomorrow night. Just in case you missed the details about the competition, you can find it all here

As advertised last time, as well as the usual selection of fresh new tunes, we’re pleased to welcome back the Hubie Loves… feature, where this time we’ll be focusing on the Australian troubadours of tech funk, The Loops Of Fury.

Hubie Sounds – this Tuesday 14th September @ 9pm UK time – live and direct on NSB Radio!

Don’t forget to join us in the Chatroom!

For all the details, including how to tune in to NSB Radio, check out the Radio Show page!

Hubie x

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