Hubie Sounds is now on Mixcloud

That’s right, I’ve finally my act together and started uploading my shows to Mixcloud.

Why Mixcloud, I hear a small smelly person sitting in a darkened room ask? Well, firstly I am aware that a lot of peeps like to stream music, radio, podcasts, etc on the web without downloading to their computers, so Mixcloud ticks that box perfectly (check out the Mixcloud website for more info). Secondly, it is another handy way to promote Hubie Sounds and get it out to more people who might not venture onto NSB Radio, or facebook or this very website. And thirdly, Mixcloud is PRS registered, which means that every time someone listens to Hubie Sounds on Mixcloud, the artists, whose tracks feature on the show, receive royalty payments for their work, which has to be a good thing!

So anyway, without further ado, here is the first installment – I am uploading the shows in order of broadcast date, split into two parts per show (there is currently a 100MB limit on individual uploads to Mixcloud, so I”ve had to split each show in two in order to fit them in), so I am kicking off with Part 1 of my first show on NSB Radio, which is Hubie Sounds 001…

Hubie Sounds 001 – 3rd Nov 2009 – Part 1 by Hubiesounds on Mixcloud

Please bear with me as I upload each show, there are 14 of them so far and they will take a little while to upload! Keep checking for updates.

Cheers and thanks for listening to Hubie Sounds!

Hubie x

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