Hubie Sounds Needs YOU!

I need your help.

I recently started my show, Hubie Sounds, on NSB Radio and I’m pleased to say it’s been going well so far :)

However, my jingles are shit. I need new jingles. I’ve started working on new ones, but what I need from you is this…

Firstly I need recordings of you, the interweb massive, saying the following sound bites…

1. “Hubie Sounds on NSB Radio”

2. “”

And secondly, I need a new slogan! I’m appealing to you all to conjure up a new slogan for Hubie Sounds.

So, if you’d like to help me out and, more importantly, be immortalised on worldwide radio, here’s what you need to do…

  • Record yourself, your friends, your dog, whatever, saying the above soundbites and send them to me. You can sing them, rap them, shout them, burp them, whatever you like, as long as the recordings are clean (as little background noise as possible) and high quality (preferably wav/aiff or 320k mp3).
  • Then send them to me via email. My email addy can be found on this website’s contact page

Ideally, I need them done as soon as possible, but if you could send them to me before the new year that would be great :)

If you’re unfamiliar with my show, or you need some inspiration, feel free to check out my previous shows, as well as the rest of the NSB Radio shows, in the NSB Radio archives HERE

I hope some of you can help me out, so thanks in advance to those of you who do. I look forward to hearing your contributions :)

Hubie x

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