Hubie Sounds Is Moving!

Hubie Sounds is moving!

Yes that’s right Hubie Sounds is moving… but don’t worry, we aren’t moving far. In fact we are merely moving backwards, to a new timeslot!

As of next week, Hubie Sounds will no longer be broadcasting on Saturday nights (UK time). Instead we have moved to the brand spanking new midweek timeslot of Thursdays @ 8pm! We are replacing the much loved Midnight Minus 2 broadcast, which has moved to pastures new and we will be on a fortnightly rotation with The Supper Club.

So just a minor change really: different Brap day, but same Brap time,  same Brap channel!

Here’s all the info in a nice concise summary stylee…

  • Fortnightly Thursdays @ 8pm (UK time)
  • Live and direct on www.Brap.FM!

The next show is on Thursday 6th August! We hope you can tune in and continue your support, we very much appreciate it!

Check out the Radio Show page for further info about Hubie Sounds.

Hubie x


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