HUBIE SOUNDS This Sat 9th August on Brap.FM!

Ez all!

This week I will be joined on Hubie Sounds by one half of J*O*K*R* and all round tip top geezer *Kapiche as we mince up the Internet Brapwaves, big willy style. Or something like that.

For more info on *Kapiche and his J*O*K*R* project, checky their myspace:

I will also be continuing my focus on artists-I-really-like with this week’s feature Hubie Would Like To Have Machines Don’t Care‘s Babies. For those of you who don’t already know, Machines Don’t Care are the wonky house collaborative project made up of Herve, Sinden, Fake Blood, Trevor Loveys, Drop The Lime and many other big name fidget freaks. So be prepared for plenty of wonderous wonk!

I’ll also be playing fresh new tuna by the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Rico Tubbs, and Tom Real and The Rogue Element’s new Disco of Doom project.

So make sure you tune in to Brap.FM this Saturday, 9th August, 8-10pm BST!

See you in the Brap Chatroom!

Check out my Radio Show page for further details

Hubie x

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