HUBIE SOUNDS This Sat 26th July on Brap.FM!

Hello everyone.

Mucho apologies for the aborted show last time round. Rest assured the gremlins have now been rounded up and executed in a badass stylee, so all systems are go for this weekend’s show

So to make up for the epic failure of the last show, this week I will be presenting not one but two ‘Hubie Would Like to Have their Babies’ features. To kick things off I will be featuring the champions of crunk and all things pimpin’, The Body Snatchers, as I celebrate the release of their debut album, ‘Feeling Good, Looking Nice, Smelling Right’

And since I was unable to present it last time round, I will also be doing my feature on Rico Tubbs as well. There will also be the usual mixture of breaks, house, mince and muntery, including new tuna from the likes of Plaza de Funk, Mr No Hands, Plump DJs, the Rogue Element, and The Chemical Brothers.

So make sure you tune into Brap.FM this Saturday night, 8-10pm BST

See you in the Brap Chatroom!

Check out my Radio Show page for further details

Hubie x


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